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TEDESCO is dedicated to providing investors, entrepreneurs, companies, business owners, and their financial and legal advisors with the highest quality appraisal and valuation services available. We have built a reputation for superior service, technical expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

TEDESCO does not hold memberships in any data cooperative or trade organizations where members regularly share market data (with other members). All information obtained in the course of performing services is held in the strictest confidentiality and will not be disseminated to any data sharing cooperatives or colleagues to be used or published in appraisal reports. We do not publish proprietary and trade information obtained in the performance of an appraisal in the reports prepared for other clients. 

We never list our current and past clients in marketing and promotional material and never provide lists of clients or properties appraised in any reportage. We decline involvement in any matters where we are knowingly asked to assume invalid representations of fact or alter our methodologies without foundation or compelling reason. We never accept contingency fee arrangements or fee amounts associated with the size of a court award or out-of-court settlement in a legal proceeding.

We provide opinions of value and related financial services for taxes (personal and corporate income tax, estate and gift tax), transactions (fairness and solvency opinions, purchase / sale advisory), financial reporting (purchase price allocation, goodwill impairment), employee stock ownership plans, and litigation. We work closely with owners, managers, and boards of privately held and publicly traded companies, attorneys, accountants, commercial and investment bankers, and other professional advisors.

TEDESCO has a "one-firm" structure that enables us to offer service without boundaries. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures that clients have access to the appraisers with the most appropriate experience, regardless of asset type so that you have access to the professionals with the most appropriate experience. We strive to ensure that proffered opinions are based upon theoretically sound methodologies and unbiased, valid, and reliable economic information. We also strive to be accurate, objective, and thorough in our analyses and refrain from submitting to any party in the litigation any information, through commission or omission, that we know to be misleading, biased or inaccurate.

TEDESCO supports philanthropic efforts and giving to worthy causes and offers reduced rates for valuation and appraisal services for assets donated to 501(c)3 organizations.





















Our Professionals:

Anthony S.Cangelosi CPA/ABV CGA ASA

Michael R. Horwath ASAA